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The Healing Childhood Wounds Group is open for spring enrollment. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Finding Your Way Home

Finding Your Way Home 2015This is a rare opportunity to attend a weekend workshop led by Dr. Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP.  Dr. Kate Hudgins is the co-founder of the Therapeutic Spiral Model, which has served as the central method for addressing trauma in Joy and Gregory’s Healing Childhood Wounds group. Joy will be serving on the Action Healing Team for this workshop. “Finding Your Way Home” will be held in Sunnyvale, CA, on September 25-27, 2015.  Download a flyer here or learn more at

Healing Childhood Wounds (for Adults)

Image by Christine HartmannAre old wounds hurting today’s relationships?

This is a monthly therapeutic group for adult children of troubled families, who want to heal from childhood wounds. The group uses psychodrama and numerous safety structures to help group members take the next step toward their recovery.

As trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk notes in his recent book The Body Keeps the Score, traumatic memories are stored in the body.  Body-based, experiential interventions such as theater provide a “bottom-up” way to heal trauma and give members a visceral experience of the good enough parent they needed.  The interventions also offer a chance to embody the new roles they would like to take in their present lives.  We have found the group to be a powerful adjunct to individual therapy.

Gregory Burns, MFT Intern, co-leads the group with Joy, along with an Action Team of other therapists. Pre-registration required. Affordable fee with sliding scale. For more information, please call Joy at (510) 999-6380.

[Artwork by Christine Hartmann. Used with permission. All rights reserved.]

Parent Impact: Intensive Therapeutic Training Program for Christian Parents

Serenity by Sandeep Pawar - CC BY 2.0 (Modified)Tired of all the fighting at home?
Worn out by your child’s out of control behavior?
Longing to reconnect with your teen?
Need concrete tools to turn things around?

Parent Impact is a 4-week, intensive program, including weekly classes, hands-on practice, and daily accountability.  You will learn simple, concrete tools you can use right away and receive live coaching and feedback from an experienced therapist.  The program will teach you how to use proven behavioral principles in a way that manifests the transformative work of the gospel in your life and the lives of your children.  For personalized attention, class size is limited to 5 families or fewer.

Cost: $249 per household (up to 2 co-parents)

The class will be offered at two locations, Christian Counseling Centers’ Hayward and Fremont Offices.

Session 1:

Four Mondays, 7-9PM, September 8 to September 29, 2014
at Christian Counseling Centers Hayward, 25400 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA (Map)

Session 2:

Four Wednesdays, 7-9PM, September 10 to October 1, 2014
at Christian Counseling Centers Fremont, 3100 Mowry Ave., Suite 205, Fremont, CA (Map)

To Register: Call Joy at 510-999-6380.

Download the pdf flyer here: Parent Impact Flyer Sept 2014

[Photo Credit: Modified from “Serenity” by Sandeep Pawar.  Used by permission via Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0]

Surviving and Thriving (for Parents and Teachers)

life saverNeed some support as a parent, teacher, or youth worker?

This is a monthly consultation and support group that Joy will be leading at Christian Counseling Centers in Hayward, starting in April. Currently, there is no charge to attend.  Bring questions and a willingness to explore creative solutions together. Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance, because space is limited. The next group will be on Thursday, May 22, from 7:30-9:00 pm. Please contact Joy at 510-999-6380 for more information.

Resilient Together (for Teens)

dark-blue-oak-tree-hiAre you a teen coping with difficult life circumstances, such as family conflict, divorce, anxiety,grief, trauma, self-injury, or other challenges?  Do you desire to express your true self and tap into your inner power to rise above the storm?  Join other teens who are seeking a positive path of healing and growth.

This 8-session group uses drama therapy, expressive arts, and psycho-education to help teens cope with difficult life challenges and strengthen their inner resilience. 

Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 AM.  Starts November, 2013.  Pre-registration required.  For more information, please call Joy at (510) 999-6380.

Download the flyer here: Teen Resilience Group Flyer

Mental Resilience Workshop (Bilingual)

Anonymous_bamboo smFor International High School Students

The Mental Resilience Workshop is a program to help international students transition to studying abroad in the U.S.  The workshop uses drama therapy, expressive arts, and psycho-education to strengthen resilience factors in teens, such as helping them to develop a positive outlook, explore their personal identity, and strengthen their interpersonal skills.

Joy co-leads this workshop with Sik-Lam Wong, an MFT Intern at Berkeley Christian Counselors.  The workshop is available in Mandarin and English.  If you are interested in having this group at your school, please contact Joy at 510-999-6380.